airconditionKnowing when the time is right to change your heater or air conditioner is important in many ways. In fact, just changing out one device may save you a substantial amount of money on energy costs. Whether your heater or air conditioner is just old and cost a lot to operate or it is broken-down and is expensive to restore, replacing it should be based on current operating cost and your return on the investment for new equipment.

According to recent studies, the cost to operate a heating unit or air conditioner has increased 42% in the last few years. The cost to manufacture the appliances, including raw material expenses for sheet metal, iron, aluminum and copper have drastically skyrocketed over the same time frame.

However, an advance efficiency system will offer lower energy costs, reduce the indoor temperature fluctuations, lower maintenance costs and obliterate overpriced repairs. Additionally, your investment in the device will be protected with a more complete and longer warranty. What is more, a replacement of the device can save you up to 20% to 40% on heating and cooling bills.

If you are having a hard time deciding whether your heater or air conditioner needs replaced, you can utilize these 5 basic rules:

1. Get rid of your equipment if the device is costing you a lot to maintain and is always needing repaired.
2. Change out your equipment if the air conditioning or heater no longer keeps you comfortable like it used to.
3. You need to replace your equipment if it is more than 12 years old and it seems to be in poor running condition.
4. Replace the device if there has been a substantial increase over the past year in the cost to cool or heat your home.
5. Replace the equipment if it breaks down often and you need to take unnecessary and extra time off from work to get it fixed.


There are many benefits in replacing your old unit with a newer advanced model. Not only are your energy cost drastically reduced but the device will be more efficient and keep your more comfortable. Other advantages include:

• New units come with a warranty
• Costs on repairs are drastically reduced
• Increases the value of your home
• Reduces mildew and mould growth
• Improves the air quality in your home
• Is more efficient and handles humidity and temperatures more effectively
• No more waiting for maintenance services or difficult parts to find in order to get the system fixed

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