A cool living space represents the beginnings of a comfortable home. Likewise, a climate controlled work area keeps an office suite productive. Daikin air conditioners use eco-friendly coolers and heaters to hit that thermal sweet spot, but what about the rest of the comfort equation? A heat-regulated room is a godsend, but occupant comfort still isn’t being properly addressed, not unless the equipment also caters for indoor air quality.

An Air Quality Overview 

The air we breathe is characterized by more than a simple thermal binary. Yes, the room gets hot, then it cools. A Daikin air conditioner then keeps that thermal variance factor regulated, but there are other airborne influences at work. There’s dampness in the air, a level of humidity that prevents throat scratchiness. The humidity level should never become strong enough to cause clamminess, but neither should it ever become so dry that it causes breathing difficulties. Similarly, outside air pollution is a constant hazard. Pollen and mildew, bacterial factors and airborne particulates float in from outside, but they can be stopped by a technology-based barrier.

The Two-Headed Atmospheric Champ 

A diligent solution to these issues requires innovation. The short-listed air conditioning candidate will always maintain the temperature, as dictated by a state-of-the-art thermostat, but this feature, although, key, only represents one air handling attribute. Next, the selected system keeps the air fresh and clean. Humidity controls work with the temperature sensor to inject a pleasant quantity of moisture into the air. Filters complete the package. They combat allergy-inducing particulates and really scrub the air so that the final ambient output is free of pollutants.

The Smarter Fresh Air Provider 

All of these parts work in conjunction with a cycling ventilation system to guarantee the condition of the indoor air quality. The warm but never hot room is filled with breathable air that’s neither stagnant nor clammy. Ironically, substandard AC gear can actually compound these problems. Dusty ducts and blocked filters combine with leaky condenser coils and inefficient fans to corrupt healthy breathing. Fortunately, Daikin air conditioners sidestep these component contaminating problems by offering a comprehensive lineup of quality-assured gear, equipment that’s built to offer clean room functionality.

A warm room misses its prized comfort rating when strong odours and dry environments pervade. Daikin air conditioners address these issues by delivering a fresh breath of climate controlled air, an ambiance that strips away dirt and airborne particulates while injecting a carefully calibrated quantity of humidity into the living space.

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