Human comfort is an ever-varying, hard to quantify concept. It’s the rush of warm air on a wintry morning, or maybe it’s a chilly exhalation from a vent on a summer evening. Yes, temperature-oriented comfort levels may be subjective, but everyone wants their climate controlled environment to be clean. That’s a job for air purifiers, a system resource that the Daikin brand knows all about.

Air Quality: What are We Breathing? 

Seasonal and artificial pollutants float suspended in the breeze. Pet dander and pollen also hang around. Then mold spores keep the pollen company while nasty odours thread their way between the particulates. At best, someone is going to spend the day sneezing into a soggy handkerchief while their eyes stream. At worst, well, some of these contaminants are known to cause respiratory issues, and no one should have to deal with that unpleasantness, not when a protective air conditioning solution is available.

Daikin Branded Air Purification 

Impotent filters are the go-to solution when an airborne purge is called for, one that’s far more powerful than these dumb safeguards. An active solution adds technological innovation to the problem so that the filters can gain new and dynamic features. We’re referring, of course, to a proprietary solution known as Streamer Discharge Technology. It’s a rather long term, but the principle behind it is simple. Basically, an energetic discharge streams from the SDT module, at which point it attacks all invading bio-pollutants. The oxidization process attacks the particles, forces them to decompose, and leaves the air safe to breathe.

A Second Line of Defense 

Oxidative decomposition hits the airborne contaminants with a swift uppercut, then electrostatic dust collection makes an attacking swing from the other side. The static-enabled assembly is actually an active filter, a sieving mechanism that positively charges dust and other near invisible floaters. As opposites are known to attract, the result is fairly easy to predict. Simply put, the negatively charged filter electrostatically attracts the charged particles, thus ensuring full filtration, a level of material screening that’s a trademark of the Daikin brand.

Comfort is a subjective term, but airborne particulates aren’t included in this unbiased assessment. They deserve only absolute eradication. Grudgingly, we will admit that a moderately powered air cleaner removes most of the floating stuff that pollutes a home or office’s air, but Daikin appliances believe that solution isn’t good enough. That’s why a truly active air purifier adopts some of the most powerful pollutant barriers in the industry.

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