Why AC Ducted Systems Should Be of High Quality

With the challenging Australian climate, you need to be able to rely on your air conditioner or AC. It should keep you cool during warm weather and warm through the cold months of winter in a reliable, economical and efficient manner. However, AC ducted systems do not last forever and after years of use, you […]

Daikin Split and Multi-Split Air Conditioning: What Makes These Products Stand Out Above the Rest?

A distributed architecture comes into play when Daikin split and multi-split air conditioning systems are installed. Indeed, they stand out from location-dependent air conditioners, which is no surprise, but they also dominate other branded split designs. Considered a yardstick by other distributed solutions, it’s about time we understood why this stylish product range tops the […]

How Daikin Air Conditioners Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

A cool living space represents the beginnings of a comfortable home. Likewise, a climate controlled work area keeps an office suite productive. Daikin air conditioners use eco-friendly coolers and heaters to hit that thermal sweet spot, but what about the rest of the comfort equation? A heat-regulated room is a godsend, but occupant comfort still […]