A reverse cycle air conditioner is far superior to gas and electric bar heaters in terms of:

  • Energy saving (reverse cycle air conditioning has been proven to be up to 1/3 cheaper to run!)
  • Not overheating the room, thus saving even more power
  • Providing more evenly spread warmth, instead of heat concentrated around the electric heater itself
  • Safety – no one has ever burnt themselves on an A/C unit!
  • Greater controllability with features such as thermostats, timers and sleep mode.
  • Versatility, given that electric heaters are only heaters, while air conditioners cool as well.
  • More affordable to run, maintain and install.

This report from ABC News in 2015 categorically proves that “Consumers can save money by making the switch from gas heating to using reverse cycle air conditioners.”

Reverse cycle air conditioning


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