When buying a heating and cooling system, there are numerous dynamics to take into consideration. One of the most important features to look at is energy efficiency. There are also other factors to keep in mind before choosing. Here are a few practical tips when buying your home heating and cooling system:

Measure the Efficiency of your Current System

Be on the alert for tiny holes or leaks in the duct-work and also look for poor insulation. This can eliminate future issues with your new system. As well, locating problems now will support your new system in running more efficiently.
You should also consider having a professional contractor to do an energy audit. If you are on a tight budget, contact a few utilities companies. Some offer an energy audit for free or at an affordable price.

Compare Different Systems

Before deciding on a system it is best to compare brands and models. Evaluate the initial cost, overall savings in energy, performance and operations. Also review the best options that are in accordance to the size of your home. Other factors include fuel costs, age of your house, geographical location and your home’s floor plan.

Energy Star

One of the most important features to look for in a system is if the product carries an energy star label. Energy Star is a nationwide standard for energy efficient consumer products that was established in 1992. In addition, the Energy Star offers unbiased energy information about consumer products. What is more, a company has to prove that their appliance is energy efficient and also be certified by a third party. So with an Energy Star label, you are assured that the system will save you money and time.

Buying Incentives

Before investing in a heating and cooling system, check with a utility company in your area. Sometimes local companies have incentives for particular brands. For instance, many utility companies will offer financial incentives on efficient brands and models such as a cash rebate. As well, you can sometimes get a tax incentive, depending on where you live.

Compare Different Retailers

Visit several retailers to make comparisons on different systems, prices, installation costs and financing plans. In truth, sometimes the best route is to get a financing plan so you can get the best system for your home.

Always do Research on Potential Contractors

Before deciding on a system, always do your research on the potential contractor. As well, choose a contractor that is professional, experienced, licensed, bonded and has references. Moreover, the professional contractor will also know the best and most cost effective system to fit your needs.

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