One of the most cost effective heating solutions is the Daikin Split System. In fact, the system can actually save you up to 27% on your heating bill. In addition, the Daikin Split System works perfect for a diversity of spaces like homes, offices, apartments or warehouses. Moreover, the device operates without any sort of duct system, making it less cumbersome to install.

Likewise, the Daikin Split System has several advantages such as flexibility and small size. As well, their ductless system can be placed in different zones in your business or home. This means that the system can be placed anywhere in your home or business. However, it is best to consult with a specialist about the details and the most efficient and effective install location.

No Ducts Reduces Energy Consumption

The Daikin Split System does not require the use of ducts. In fact, this advanced technology helps reduce energy consumption and costs. Split air systems are unlike forced air that has loose connections with holes in the ducts which causes loss of air in turn causing higher energy costs.

In addition, having no ducts make the system easy to connect and also drastically reduces installation costs.

Can be Installed Almost Anywhere 

The Daikin Split System can be installed in most any location within your home or business. Indeed, they are extremely flexible and can be mounted or installed whatever it is needed or desired (even on the ceiling). As well, split systems operate off both an indoor and outdoor system. Likewise, the hookup between the two systems needs only a 3 inch hole to connect them together utilizing a conduit setup. Moreover, the outdoor system can from up to 50 feet from the connecting unit on the inside. Plus, a split system can have up to four individual air handling units on the inside that can service individual rooms. This feature alone can save quite a bit on your heating bill. But before you decide where to place the system, consult with a specialist.

The Cost and Efficiency

Although the initial cost of a Daikin Split System may cost more than other heating and cooling systems, they are far superior when it comes to energy savings. In truth, the innovative system will drastically lower your energy cost. In actual fact, the energy savings alone will more than pay for the system within a short time.

In addition, the Daikin Split System is extremely efficient and will save you a bundle. Not only is it an efficient heating system but it is very proficient in cooling.

And when you it comes time to size of system you want, contact a qualified specialist such as Bay Air Electrics.

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