With the challenging Australian climate, you need to be able to rely on your air conditioner or AC. It should keep you cool during warm weather and warm through the cold months of winter in a reliable, economical and efficient manner. However, AC ducted systems do not last forever and after years of use, you will need to replace yours in order for it to once again serve your needs effectively. If you are constantly repairing your present system, notice that it is noisier than it once was, feel that it is not adjusting the temperature accurately or have higher electric bills, you need to realise that these are all signs that it is time to upgrade your air conditioner. As a proud agent for Daikin air conditioners here in the Melbourne Bayside area of Australia, Bay Air Electrics can install a new Daikin AC ducted system to ensure that the temperature in your house is ideal for your comfort.

Information about the New Daikin FDYQ140LBV1/RZQS140AV1

If you own the old Daikin model number FDY125FV1B/RY125KUY1, you will save 25 percent on your electric bill by installing the new Daikin model number FDYQ140LBV1/RZQS140AV1. The total cost of operating the old system after 200 hours for cooling is $308.94 and $297.60 while the new system after the same length of time is $223.06 for cooling and $231.70 for heating.

Various Improvements in Daikin’s AC Technologies

• The advanced technology of the fan motor in Daikin units enables the system to reach the ideal temperature faster and hold it steady without fluctuations.
• Daikin’s indoor units come with high-efficiency, variable-speed DC fan motors. The reason these units perform with higher efficiency is the fact that they use permanent, high-power magnets in place of the induced magnetism that is in traditional AC motors.
• Daikin systems automatically select the appropriate cooling and heating modes to complement the thermostat setting and present temperature of the room.
• Predicted Mean Vote or PMV control measures outdoor and indoor temperatures in order to calculate the desirable room temperature and then adjusts accordingly for comfort in an efficient manner.
• Home Leave is a setting that you can activate to turn on the AC unit automatically when the temperature in the room drops below 10-degrees C to ensure that the temperature remains above this reading.
• You also can preset the temperature range for your cooling and heating in order to limit energy consumption.

Daikin’s Other Benefits

• Hot start
• Night quiet mode
• Intelligent defrost
• Quick heat/cool powerful mode
• On/off 24-hour timer
• Daikin R22 retrofit capability

For further details on why AC ducted systems should be high quality, consult with Bay Air Electrics. We will answer all questions that you may have and install a new Daikin air conditioner in your home at your convenience.

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