officeWhen you choose the right Daikin model for your home or office, you’re laying the groundwork for an energy-efficient environment. Let’s clarify that opening statement. Your eventual purchase will discharge just the right amount of heating or cooling energy, no matter how wintry or baking hot it is outside. First off, you need a few tips to set the wheels rolling. Dear readers, here’s your guide to selecting the right Daikin for your office or home environment.

Comfort VS. Work Efficiency 

A fully featured office solution includes controllable vents, one of Daikin’s proprietary split-type air conditioners, and a zone controllable feature, something that delivers independent temperature control. The aim here is to smartly maximize productivity. Comfort enters the equation as well, but it sits squarely behind productivity. Conversely, the home is based on comfort, but there’s an element of energy efficiency in there as well. Smart thermostats and a remote control keep energy consumption low and the family happy.

Evaluate Energy Efficiency Ratios 

Daikin models place a lot of emphasis behind energy efficiency, but did you know this ratio is also stamped on the equipment label? The SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) describes the performance rating of the appliance in easy to decipher numbers. Look for larger numbers if cooling power is a major concern, for higher figures indicate superior cooling efficiency. This feature is especially relevant when you’re looking for an office solution because heat fatigue can really take a chunk out of work output figures. Furthermore, the higher number demonstrates a lower electrical consumption rating.

Space and Aesthetics 

Small offices and smaller homes benefit from sleek wall mounted units that are fed by split unit appliances. The office unit sits attractively out of the way of foot traffic. Likewise, the family pet and all toddlers are safe thanks to the out of reach output panel. Ducted models are ideal for large offices if plenty of wall space exists on the premises, for the ducts can run from a central air handling unit. Meanwhile, ductless systems suit small offices and residences because of their ability to install and operate independently.

Of course, there’s a fair amount of overlap between the office and the home, with acoustic control features obviously benefitting both settings. Look for sound blanket features and multi-speed motors when peace and quiet is a concern. Otherwise, step back and consider the full package, the superior heat pumps, inverter technology, and energy efficient smart features that make choosing the right Daikin model a pleasure, not a chore.

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